das paket
short film, 2016

watch full film here

"in a world, where it seems to be normal to be alone, simon gets a package for his supposedly dead neighbor. these supernatural object should drive him insane. after the neighbors are starting to stalk him, simon realizes that there is a secret organization, who wants to destroy his life. so he starts his counterattack."

producer lukas ritter, josephine roß
editor kaspar zoth

camera department 
    jan-david bühler
    philip henze
    jonathan schmitt
    carly schrader
    linus meyer
    jan krieg​​​​​​​

5th kolkata shorts int’l film festival (official selection, india)july 24, 2016
15th hyperfest int’l student film festival (official selection, cinema europa, bucharest, romania)october 26, 2016
9th post mortem international horror and bizarre film festival (official selection, aguascalientes, mexico)october 27, 2016
33rd video/film tage koblenz (official selection, germany)november 4, 2016
5th delhi shorts international film festival (official selection, india)november 6, 2016
5th ithaka fntstk (official selection, ny, usa)november 9, 2016
14th filmfest düsseldorf (official selection, germany)november 16, 2016
sweet as film festival december’s edition (official selection, montreal, quebec, canada)december 22, 2016
10th empfang der filmhochschulen berlin (screening) february 14, 2017
*nomination best actor* 1st new renaissance film festival (official selection, amsterdam, the netherlands)march 3, 2017
*best production design* watersprite film festival 2017 (official seletion, cambridge, uk)march 10, 2017
33rd imagine film festival (competition for the silver méliès for the best european fantastic short film amsterdam, netherlands)april 12, 2017
3rd undependence film festival (official selection, edinburgh, scotland)april 21, 2017
20th brussels short film festival (int'l competition next generation, belgium)april 27, 2017
8th skepto international film festival (official selection, cagliari, italy)may 10, 2017
4th international motion festival (official selection, cyprus)may 11, 2017
30th bundes.festival.film. 2017 (competition, mainz, germany)june 23, 2017
8th blue whiskey independent film festival (official selection, chicago, illinois, usa)august 3, 2017
2nd defy film festival (official selection, nashville, tennessee, usa)august 18, 2017
12th tacoma film festival (official selection, tacoma, washington, usa)october 5, 2017
6th philip k. dick film festival (official selection, cologne, germany)october 27, 2017
1st fic autor - author's int'l film festival (official selection, guadalajara, jalisco, méxico)november 10, 2017

shot on red dragon & cooke s4i